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Deep Inside Of You Tab

SONG: Deep Inside of You
GROUP: Third Eye Blind
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Here's the rhythm guitar and the lead guitar part.  lead's at the end.

some people call the 2x0033 a D/F# but it's really just a G 
with a low major 7th (I'll call it Gmaj7-low) can be written G/F#
I've heard that chord tabbed out as:-3- in which case it would be a
				    -3- Dsus4/F# . . . your call.
lyrics and rhythm guitar:

when we met light was shed thoughts free-flowed you said you've 

  got something deep inside of you

continue that G-->Gmaj7-low-->Em7-->Cadd2
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a wind chime voice sounds sway your hips round rings true
it echoes deep inside you
secret garden beams, changed my life so it seems
fall breeze blows outside i don't break stride thoughts are warm
they go deep inside of you

and i never felt alone    till i met you
i'm   allright on my own  till i met you

friends say i changed i don't listen cuz i live to be
deep inside of you
slide off her dress shouts in darkness
i'm so alive
it's deep inside of you
you say boy make girl feel good
but still, STILL!

CHORUS-->(same G->C for:
"and i'd know what to do if i just knew what's comin"-->


| | | |   | | | |
G     D   Cadd9 D (repeat for:

I would change myself if i could 
i would walk with my own people if i could find them and i would say 
i'm sorry to you, i'm sorry to you, but i don't want to 
call you and then i want to call you and i don't want to 
crush you but i feel like crushin you and it's 
true i took for granted you were with me, 
i breathe by your looks and 
we were broke and didn't know and 		the coolest part
we were broke and didn't know and