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Peace Bass Tab

by: Third Day
album: Conspiracy No. 5
transcribed by: Andrew Schnitkey

standard tuning (E,A,D,G)

This is a pretty cool but simple bass line. I think this is pretty
accurate, so here it goes...


G -----------------------------|
D -----------------------------|
A --------------------------4-2|
E -----4-4-4---0h4---44--------| 

repeat the verse 5 times until...

G ------------------------------|
D ------------------------------|
A ------------------------2--4--|
E -----4-4-4---0h4---4----------|

then do the original verse part two more times until the pre-chorus...

G ------------------------------------
D ------------------------------------
A ------------------------------------
E -----4--4--0h4-4--4---7--7--0h7-7--7

the chorus goes like this...

G ---------------------|------------------|------------------|--------------------|
D ---------------------|------------------|------------------|--------------------|
A ---------------------|--4--4--0h4-4---4-|--7--7--0h7-7---7-|--------------------|
E -----2--2--0h2-2---2-|------------------|------------------|--7--7--0h7--2--2-2-|

[ Tab from: ]
G ---------------------|------------------|------------------|---------------------|
D ---------------------|------------------|------------------|---------------------|
A ---------------------|--4--4--0h4-4---4-|--7--7--0h7-7---7-|--9--9--9-9-9---9----|
E -----2--2--0h2-2---2-|------------------|------------------|---------------------|

the middle bridge part goes like so...

G |-------------|-----------|-----------|-----------  |
D |o -----------|-----------|-----------|----------- o|
A |o ---4---4---|---4---4---|---7---7---|---7---7--- o|
E | ------------|-----------|-----------|-----------  |    3 times


G -----------|-----------|-----------|--------------------
D -----------|-----------|-----------|--------------------
A ---2---2---|---2---2---|---9---9---|---9--9-9-9-9-9-9-9-
E -----------|-----------|-----------|--------------------

those are the main parts. the pattern goes as follows

intro (same riff as verse four times)
1st Verse
2nd Verse
3rd Verse
Chorus (2x)
outro (main verse riff 7 times)

I am pretty confident that this is right, but if you have any corrections
please send them to me at

enjoy this song and have fun with it!!!!