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Nothing At All
By: Third Day
Written By: Mac Powell and Mark Lee
Copyright1995 Class reunion Music/Little man Big man music/gray Dot
songs, a division of gray Dot
 I play pretty much the whole song in power chords, which i will signify
as D5.
 Play this all through the verse, until-
 C5                        G5                  D5
 If you can't say nothin' good don't say nothin' at all. (Back to top)

 A5                           G5       D5
 Cause I know that there are times in life.
  A5                        G5       D5
 When we just can't keep it to ourselves.
  A5                       G5    D5
 But to want is not to make it right.
  B5                   A5
 We've got to tame our tongue
 If you can't say nothin' good don't say nothin' at all.
 That's it, except for the part we're he reads James 3:5-10, which goes
like this-E5-D5