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Borderline Chords

			     Borderline - Thin Lizzy

Tabbed by: PumkinKid XIII

Tuning: tune down 1 semitone


     Cadd9   G    Am    Em     D

Intro: fast picking C G C G pause 
                    C G C G C G D Em

Cadd9                     G
  Its Midnight in the big city
Cadd9                     G 
  At the bar drinking all on my own
Cadd9                      G
  Just thinking about that girl and me
D                       Em base run
  How something's going wrong

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Cadd9        G
  Mister tell me
Cadd9             G
  Whats my saving grace
Cadd9                   G
  The backroom boys are all telling me
D                  Em base run
  I'm a borderline case

  Cadd9       Am         Em       G
  back on the borderline one more time x2

  Seven beers and still sober
  It's time to change to something stronger
  I cannot take this scene no longer
  She could have told me its all over

  Back in my home town
  The old place it's still the same
  But time can cast a spell over someone
  And you can't go back again

Solo Am baserun Em Em

  Back to the borderline one more time x2

  Mister fill me another
  Till I go crazy and it turn my mind around
  Just pass that bottle one more time
  I'm slowly sinking down

  Genie can I tell you
  The shame of my disgrace
  It's just love or rejection
  For this borderline case

  Back on the borderline one more time ... repeat and fade

Thats the whole song. Work the picking pattern out yourself it's simple but I'm too
lazy to tab it. Comments and criticism are always welcom but go easy on me, this is
my first tab.