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A Song For While I'm Away Chords

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From: Idar "Chocolate stains" Wiik (Cheabz) (

Song: A Song for While I'm away
Artist: Thin Lizzy
Album: Vagabonds of the Western World (released: 9/1973)
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Tuning: EADGBe (normal)

Hello all Thin Lizzy fans!

I was sitting in my room with my father's 30 year old acoustic and jamming to Thin Lizzy (as I often do). 
A Song for While I'm away came up, and I thought to myself: "I can play this song!" So I did, and here's the tab. 
Its a good "campfire song", if you know what I mean. Hope you enjoy it!
Btw. If you have any comments or corrections to my tab I wount really care, cause I'm gonna play this tab anyway.

The song itself is quite easy. The guitarist plays this fingerpicking pattern, but I havent bothered to tab it, 
because it sounds better if you play the chords (if you only got one guitar). Thin Lizzy plays the whole thing 
with a big orchestra (or so it seems) so they have a full sound, and if you dont play the chords, the sound will be 
uninteresting and flat. The 2 riffs I have set up is optional. It sounds just a bit cool if you do them. Riff1 is 
really played with 1 guitar and 1 bass, and at one place it is played by some sort of violin (or something like that). 
Riff2 is a riff for the bass guitar, but I like it, so I put it in there.

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    E     B      D    A     Am    E

Riff1:                       Riff2:


Intro x3

E**                             B
  These words---------------- sing to you
D                                      A**
  Do not---------------------------- bring to you
Am                        E*
  For------------------ while---- away
   A*                      E            (Riff1)
To say-------------------love---- say

            A5       G#5   F#5         E5         (Riff2)
You------- life---- everything------- all I have
           C#5                  B5         A5
You------ hopes-------------- world------ true
F#5   E5          (Riff2)
You're all I have
               F#5       G#5     (F#5)   E5  (Riff2)
Please------- now------ words--- have-- say

Intro x3

Fade out while playing chorus.


In the verse:

A*  x02225
A** 577655
B   799877
D   x57775
E   022100
E*  476454
E** x79997

In the chorus:

A5  x022xx
B5  x244xx
C#5 x466xx
E5  x022xx
F#5 244xxx
G#5 466xxx