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Santa Monica Chords

This song is fun to play and not too difficult if you can play chords.  I am fairly new
to playing guitar and I am able to do it okay.  These chords are exactly right.  I asked
Tyler from Theory of a Deadman for these chords on their message board and he actually
replied,  this is a great band.  email me if you have any questions.


the harmonics in the intro are 12th fret E string, B string; then 7th fret G string, B



Em 	     Bm                G          D          C
She fills my bed with gasoline, you think I would've noticed

Em 	             Bm            G          D                C
Her mind's made up, the love is gone I think someone's trying to show us a sign
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Em 	        Bm                G          D          C
That even if we thought it could last, the moment would pass

Em 	      Bm            G                 D          C
My bones will break and my heart will give, oh it hurts to live


Em               G                            D
I remember the day, when you left for santa monica, 

Csus2                              	                  Em
You left me to remain with all your excuses for everything

                  G                            D 
I remember the time, when you left for Santa Monica

I remember the day you told me it's over.

The 2nd verse and remainder of the chorus' are the exact same.  The bridge is an
ascending pattern that you can do with bar chords.


E to F# to G to A then 
E to F# to G to D;  repeat x 1

Then repeat chorus.