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Magulo Ang Buhay Ng Tao Chords & Tabs

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Version: 1 Type: Bass Tab

Magulo Ang Buhay Ng Tao Bass Tab

Tabs for song: Magulo Buhay ng tao
Artist: The Youth
Album: Album na walang pamagat
Tabbed by: Ferdie Esguerra

Tuning: Standard (eBGDAE)


Guitar Bass riffs:
Chord pattern (A-C#-D-E)

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This is to complete the song on my first project.
Pinoy funk/Rock alternative id never forgotten.
Dedicated to my loving wife and son “ Rosan and Kurt Cobain”
To all my friends out there, my former band “Selda Singko” Urrutia boys ng malanday valenzuela
Musta kayo dyan. “ IT’S TOO LOUD. YOUR TOO OLD!!!” (07Oct2006)
Any suggestion and comments just email me at””