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Size Of A Cow Chords

Song:		The Size of a Cow
Artist:		The Wonder Stuff
Tabbed By:	Jefferson Humber
Date:		01-SEP-2005	
Tuning:		eADGBE (Standard)

This is a classic tune, and sounds great on the acoustic guitar.
Couldn't find a tab anywhere for this, so worked it out myself.

Play barre chords throughout, except for the bridge which sounds better in open chords.

Intro: B, A, G, D, G, A, G, D, G, (G#), A

B                                                 A
Don't you think it's funny that nothing's what it seems
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When you're not looking forward
Me I'd like to think that life is like a drink
        A                          (Bb)  B
And I'm hoping that it tastes like bourbon

G                       D                C
You know that I've been drunk a thousand times
G                       D               C
And these should be the best days of my life

Life it's not what I thought it was

A          G
Damn blast look at my past
    D                       G
I'm ripping up my feet over broken glass
       A      G
I said oh wow look at me now
     D                             G
I'm building up my problems to the size of a cow
A  G  D       G  (G#) A
Aah Aah...the size of a cow

Interlude:  B, A, B, A