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Come Out Ye Black And Tans Chords

I was [Am] born in a Dublin street where the [G] loyal drums do beat
And the [Am] loving English feet they tramped all over us
And [C] each day and every night when my [G] father comes home tight
He'd [Am] invite the neighbours [G] outside with this [Am] chorus

Oh come[Am] out ye Black and Tans, come out and [G] fight me like a man
Show your [Am] wives how you won medals down in Flanders
Tell [C] them how the IRA made you [G] run like hell away
From the [Am] green and lovely [G] lanes in Kille[Am]shandra

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Come let [Am] me hear you tell how you've [G] slung the brave Parnell
When you [Am] thought him well and truly persecuted
Where [C] are your sneers and jeers that you [G] loudly let us hear
When [Am] our heroes of [G] '16 were [Am] executed

Alan [Am] Larkin and O`Brian held you [G] strong and called you swine
Robert [Am] Emmett who you hung and drew and quartered
High [C] upon the scaffold high, how you [G] butchered Henry Joy
And [Am] the Croppy Boys of [G] Wexford you did [Am] slaughter

Oh let me [Am] hear you slew them poor [G] Arabs two by two
Like the [Am] Zulus they had spears and bows and arrows
How [C] you bravely faced each one with your [G] sixteen-pounder gun
And [Am] you've frightened them poor [G] natives to their [Am] marrows

(additional verse)
Well the [Am] day is closing fast and the [G] time will soon be past
When each [Am] dawning will be cast aside afore us
And [C] if I be in need then me kids [G] will say godspeed
With [Am] a bar or two of Stephen [G] Behan`s [Am] chorus