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Admiral William Brown Chords

     Admiral William Brown  The Wolfetones.    Capo on 2

        G                       C              G
From a county Mayo town came a man of great renown
        D                            G
As a sailor and a soldier was none bolder
                          C              G
He went to America at an early age they say
        D                              G
As a cabin boy to sail the wide world over
       D                             C              G
Then adventure took him south to the Del La Plata mouth
    C                            D
San Martin was on the route in Argentina
            G                         C                   G
So three whaling ships he bough and Brazil and Spain he fought
       D              D7           G
And freedom then he sought for Argentina

He had heard of Irish hands in the noble gallant bands
That helped to free the called Argentina
He had heard with great acclaim the Patrickos name and fame
When in 1806 the British came for slaughter
And to this very day in the Argentine they say
The English ran away from Buenos Aries
To the Islands further down and they took them for the crown
''Las Islas Malvinas,Argentina''
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Now Admiral William Brown you're a man of courage shown
And in battles won the odds were all against you
But your Irish heart was strong and in memory still lives on
And in Ireland there are some that don't forget you
On St.Patrick's day it's told you had many victories bold
You defeated all invaders thugs and bullies
Then through the Pampas rose and you found a happy home
'Las Islas Malvinas Argentina.

We remember William Brown and his land of great renown                      the invader
of the islands from your country
When in 1833 were by pirates forced to flee
And in Ireland sure we know the story fully
And the people that went too,to the Argentine when new
To escape the English  laws and wars and famine
They had proved a loyal crew just like all the Irish do
''Las Islas Malvinas Argintinas''
The old colonial days and the cruel English ways
With her thunder plunder we will teach the natives
For the Brits are going to war just like Whitelock did before
With her ships and guns and drums and flags and banners
In the empire days of old when they murdered for the gold
And paraded it around the streets of London
Oh no human rights were given to the natives dead or living
''Las Islas Malivinas Argentina
In the Argentine he died Father Fahey by his side
'57 was the year his country mourned him
A hero of the nation he's remembered with elation
Throughout the world where freedom still abounds
And the southern cross take note where bold Willie Bulfin wrote
The Irish still support you Argentina
With the empire tumbling down let no Paddies back the crown
''Las Islas Malvinas Argentina