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Echoes Chords

I just recently found this song and became instantly attached, but was 
disappointed to find that there was no tab for it.  So I somehow managed to figure 
out how simple it is, created an account and am posting my first tab, i hope you enjoy!

It's very basic and follows the same chord procession, but i'll tab the whole song 
just for kicks

Standard Tuning
Capo I

INTRO   Em , D , C

         Em              D            C 
As we're lining up for a golden night
         Em                        D            C  
I will follow you around until the stars hang by
      Em            D                   C
And I know we can't save the stuff alone
         Em                    D                        C
From the dark clouds moving on in that we're gazing upon

        Em                        D            C
And the dreams we have within the light of dawn
           Em                      D            C
Freeze our grasses green until the winter's gone
        Em          D                      C
And the smoke melts away the drown of fears
          Em                D                           C
While the sun is the golden hand holding everything dear
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C                                            Em    D    C
The snow enter pain when you've lost your will
C                                           Em     D    C
We're never the same as we cross these hills
C                                      Em
Over broken land when we drink our fill
                   D                 C      
For the secrets we keep into the deal

Instrumental:   Em,  D,  C  x2

         Em                         D              C 
Well our hearts will fall heavy the artery because
        Em                      D                C
And the time forgets us and the things we've done
       Em            D                        C 
As our days become a flash of a distance small
       Em                    D                          C
To the night as we carry the brave further into the dark

C                                       Em    D     C
And all of the weight that holds us down
C                                Em     D       C
Keeping the shackle to the ground
C                               Em
If beauty is broken we are bound
                  D                      C
By the shadows of grief further into the deep

C                                 Em      D    C
And all of the echoes from my past
C                                Em       D    C
Are finding a way to make it last
C                               Em
Just had enough to ease our past
                     D                     C
But on tonight as we sleep wander into the deep

Em - until the end