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Citywide Rodeo Chords

Song: Citywide Rodeo
Album: Say I Am You
Band: The Weepies
Probably not accurate to the key on the album, but it works well enough.

D        A          D          A   
Citywide rodeo, you set on the stage 
D             A                   D               A
Where all the clowns will go when they feel their age 

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    A D         A   D            A            D
And I know that you think you're not good for anything
    D               A       Em
The world makes you feel so small
D           A
Get on your wooden horse
A         Em          D
This is a ride, not a fight
A                     D              Em
No need to save face, say goodnight, Grace
Good night, Grace.

        D           A                      D            A
There's dust on the stadium seats, there's dust in your hair
    D          A                   D           A
You wonder how fast you'll go when you hit the air

    D            A                      D
And oh, isn't it strange how things can change you? 
    D            A                        D
And oh, isn't it plain that some things unname you
    D        A       D
So don't ask anybody else. 

D        A      D              A
Citywide rodeo, step into your car
D               A         D             A
Look up at the indigo and pick out your star.