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Twenty Eight Chords

This song is gorgeous, but luckily it's also really easy to play!
The whole song is basically these four chords:

Fm3 Cm Bbm C#

Play each one four times.
(Note: The 7th on the third chord is the same as the 5th of the last chord, so adding 
the 7th on the last time you play the 3rd chord makes for a nice transition to the last chord.)
I put in the first verse and chorus with the chords to show the transitions, but once 
you know the song well enough, the transitions pretty much become intuitive.
Have fun and XO


Fm3                       Cm
This house is not a home to you

                Bbm                                          C#
But you decide to go ahead and lay down, lay down

                     Fm3                                                    Cm
There are no words to describe the depth of your indifference

Cause I see youíre here to stay
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Should've have known I picked my fate


Fm3                        Cm
Iím so wrong, Iím so wrong

(To let you in my)

Bbm                   C#
To let you in my home

Fm3                                  Cm
Now you know where I sleep
(Now you know where I sleep)

Bbm                       C#
Never felt so damn weak

[Verse 2]
Hey there lonely girl
Did you have to tell your friends
About the way I got you screaming my name
Did you have to tell the world
Now your girls all wanna fuck
Girl you could've been the one
Gotta change my number twice a month
When you could have simply kept it on the down low


[Verse 3]
Baby if I knew you'd be living in my sheets
I wouldn't have shown you any love
I would have left you in the club
You said you don't belong
You keep saying there's no one
And there's no where to go
But who keeps calling on your phone?
I'm so wrong, I'm so wrong, I'm so wrong


Girl if your man calls your phone again
Girl if your man calls your phone again