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Live For Tab

Tabbed by: Jefrey Judes

This is the guitar that plays throughout Live For. He changes it up sometimes, but this 
is the main pattern he plays.
I guess you could call this the "harder version". It's not too hard though.

e|--0-----------------------0-----------1------------| *the bass notes in
B|--------3-----1-----3-----------3-----------3------|  brackets are optional


The pattern is played pretty fast so it might take a little practice to get the feel of it.
Don't give up, it's really fun to play once you get it.

Listen for it in the beginning since it's easier to hear it than in the rest of the song 
when the percussion and stuff comes in.

That's basically all you need to know. Good luck!

Here are the lyrics if anyone needs them:
(from rapgenius)

[Verse 1: The Weeknd]
[ Tab from: ]
Getting sober for a day
Got me feeling too low
Always try and make me slow down
Trynna tell me how to live
I'm about to lose control
Well they can watch me fuck it up all in one night
I'm in my city in the summer
Camo'd out, leather booted
Kissing bitches in the club
They wanna threesome, then some
Spend whatever come in, fuck an income
Me and my niggas we ain't never going broke
And you, have to, do it all
Just to know where it gets you
Living dreams we can never afford
Now we sitting in the back saying

[Hook: The Weeknd (x4)]

This the shit that I live for, this the shit that I live for
This the shit that I live for, with the people I'd die for

[Verse 2: Drake]

This the shit that I live for, this the shit that I'd die for
This the shit you can't fake dawg, this the shit you need God for
How long do you think it's gon' take for y'all to fall
That's a serious question because I'm seriously questioning all of y'all
Been touring the world man, I've done spent racks in all the malls
And they know my story, flaws and all
I still got plaques hanging wall to wall dawg
She just offered a strip tease, but she don't look like Demi Moore
Hips all on 45, waist all on 24
And it's all love in the city, still scream XO, when that Henny pour
But I'm that boy, not just any boy, what the fuck you think that I'm in it for
Roll up in that thing, got hoes like Prince, but they know I'm king
Chubbs might hold that thing, if he get caught, he'll be home by spring
Things I shouldn't share, I mean for the sake of my career
I'm not trynna stunt, I'm just tellin' you the truth, I swear
This the shit that I live for with the people I'd die for
This the shit you can't fake dawg, this the shit you need God for
This that shit we really gotta talk about in person
There's some shit I need to work on, but I know you see me working
Nigga, champagne...

[Hook x4: The Weeknd]