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Burning Chords

Until the guitar starts it's basically just an A 

A D x4

On a drive I'm taking backroads
High against where the rivers are flowing
A                        D
I didn't think that our love had grown

You had me dead to rights
Hey, I'm trying to get some rest 
            A         D
To keep on moving

 How you been, you looking back
You tried to change your burning boat
A                        D      G       D
 Until you realized what you were up against

I spent all those nights
Just trying to take you home
        A             D   
'Til you released me

E          A
Cross the bridge
    Bm   F#m    E
To redefine your pain
        F#m               D
Then the answer is in your heart
E         A
 Wide awake
  Bm     F#m     E                 D
I rearrange the way I listen in the dark
A           E           
Dreaming of starting up 
A      D

A  D 
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         A                        D
So if you look, you'll find yourself

You're not the demon in the dark
     A                           D
That you and I, yea we'd been through that

  Can you rectify
All the time it took you
                 A    D
Away from choosing?

A                          D
  So as you find yourself flying high up there
A                               D         G   D
  When you release me from your heart again (woo!)
A                           D
  I'm just a burning man trying to keep the ship
From turning over 

E            A     Bm  F#m    E
  Cross the rich derivative of pain
        F#m               D
Crush the burning in your heart
E          A
  Wide awake
    Bm F#m    E                       D
To redefine the way you listen in the dark
 A        E   
Dreaming, starting
     D       F#m               E
Like a stranded kid in a doorway
         A     D
Just burning
                 A        D
Yeah we turn the light in

Then just fade out with A & D until the song ends.