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Best Night Chords

The War on Drugs
Slave Ambient (2011)
"Best Night"


C                            G
I've been wandering by your room
C                     G
and nothing's coming out
C                                 G           D    C
you're like a spirit through the wind I keep fighting

C                        G
in a dream you point a knife
C                     G
in another dream you die
C                              G
it's just a dream that we had once
          D  C
that went down in the night

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C                          G
I believe that i've been cursed
C                     G
been drowned and reimbursed
C                         G           D   C
got the feeling I can't move without sliding.

C                      G
I'm a thousand miles behind
C                        G
with a million more to climb
C                      G             D    C
so it's you I hope survives without fighting

C                        G
been a soldier from the start
C                       G
been released and torn apart
C                      G               D    C
been inside the only storm that's been raging

C                       G
It's a dream to hold a knife
C                        G
in another dream you'll die
C                                G
It's just a dream you won't get lost
         D   G
just get down in the night