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Experience Chords

G         A       A7	       D
Here's to memory, old age and every
	                 G         A
Here's to the people who live in a shell
G         A       A7	        D
Here's to memory, one more for every
                       A7          D     G A  D  G A
One for the road where pedestrians dwell
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D         G         		  D
So self-assured, complacent and bored
                 A          D
Our hero opens a box on the shelf
                      G   	    D
Containing advice, so worldly and wise
                         A           D    G A  D  G A
Welcomes his children to help themselves


He hasn't time for riddle or rhyme
Too busy fighting machines at the plant
He married young, his path is his pocket
Beginnings and endings escape from this end


Baptized, materialized, no time to realise
Caught in the current and drown in the well
Went about fifty, stubborn and empty
Hands out the world for his children to sell

Chorus (2X)

by: Josť Duarte