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Away But Never Gone Chords

"Away But Never Gone" from the Wailin' Jennys album, "Bright Morning Stars"
Ukulele Chords

d (hold) u d u d

Verse 1
F                            A7
The moon's on its way to its nightly shift, 
F                        Db  C7 (C)
the frogs fill the creek below. 
F                            A7
The tall grass waves a farewell to the day, 
F                        Db  C7 (C)
the wind moans sweet and low. 
Bb                              (C)
A heron tucks his head in his wing, 
    F                      C9
the fish in the lake float along. 
F                                   C7    F  C7 F
The sun sinks from sight: away, but never gone.
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Verse 2
F                              A7
The dawn brings the dew like a thousand jewels, 
F                        Db  C7 (C)
a nest rustles high on a bough. 
F                              A7
The blue egg stays warm in the cool of the morn, 
F                     Db  C7 (C)
under a red breast of down.
The clouds turn and stretch, 
Bb                      (C)   F                     C9
the moon checks its wrist and gathers itself with a yawn, 
F                                C7    F  C7 F
And winks to the sun: away, but never gone.

Verse 3 (*Whistling and humming*)

Bb                                         (C)   
All o'er the world, as it turns and it turns, 
F                         C9
the stars twinkle off and dawn, 
F                             C7    F  C7 F
And we come and go: away, but never gone.