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The Veronicas
The Secret Life Of
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This band rocks!!! these twin Aussie girls are so talented and look HOT!!! If you like 
such as Avril Lavigne, Paramore, Skye Sweetnam, Lindsay Lohan, Hilary duff M2M, Tatu, Meg 
Dia, Tegan and Sara, Aly and Aj, You wil lalso like this band!!!

Key: E

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
C#m - x46654
Em -  022000
C -   x32010
G -   320033
A -   x02220
B -   x24442
E -   022100
F#m - 244222

Verse 1: Mellow beat
C#m                 Em
  You're a little obsessed with me
C#m                     Em       A
  And I'm a little bit scared of you
C#m                     Em
  The way you look and stare at me
C            G              A
  Maybe it's time I let you know

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Chorus: Punk beat
C#m                   G#m
  You can call me six times
                  A           E
But still I won't pick up the phone
C#m                      G#m
  You can spend all your money on me
     A             E
But still I'll say no
C#m                       G#m
  You can write a million letters everyday
   A          B
Confessing to me
     E        B            F#m   A
That I am the girl of your dreams
    E      B          C#m A
But nobody ever asked me
  E            B           F#m A
I never looked at you that way
Cuz I always thought you were gay

Verse 2: Back to mellow beat
C#m              Em
  Every time you come around
C#m                Em     A
  You just look me up and down
C#m                     Em
  And then you tried to hold my hand
C                  G             A
  I'm confused now I don't understand

(Repeat Chorus)

B             C#m
  You told me lies
    A         B
You made me believe
It would be fun
             A          B
If there was nothing to see
         G#m         A           F#m
I'd be undressing in front of you
D            C#m          B
  I told you secrets that no one else knew

(Repeat chorus)

C#m            Em
C#m            Em A
C#m            Em