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Glitterbug Chords

This is a tune from the Vanity Project which is comprised of Steven Page of Barenaked
Ladies and Steven Duffy formerly of Duran Duran, currently of The Lillac Time 

capo 2
G 320033
D x00323
C x32033
Em7 022030
A7 x02020
Am xo2210
B7 x24242 or 021202
?dim x02320

       G             D         C 
Glitterbug with your mind everywhere

                 D          G
I'm anywhere you want me to be

          D             C 
Take your time but take care

                     D        Em7
For in the end we're all history

         A7      Am          B7              Em7     A7
Don't be shy let everyone or me at least inside

          Em7                         A7
You'll be fine; you'll be fine in the morning sunshine

Em7                          A7       ?dim     Bm   A  G
Fine you will find if you're mine you might be free

         Em7  C
We shall see

       G             D                C
Glitterbug with your eyes through the grey

                         D           G
There's something that I need you to say

          D       C
Could be "Hi, go away"

                 D          Em7
Or anything that makes it okay
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         A7         Am           B7                    Em7  A7 
From the ground you are the only star that shines tonight

       Em7                          A7
If you go you must know that you'll shine forever

Em7                          A7    ?dim    Bm  A  G
Come if you're mine you will shine eternally

           Em7  C
Wait and see


glitter bug last verse
capo 2nd fret
tabbed by BNLFAN

From the bar   To the stars   Through the haze     Of a thousand wasted days
You must be tired you've burned so bright

                       So good night,    goodnight       glitterbug