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Were Happening Chords

Capo 5 (posistive these are the right chords)
          C F G             C F G
I let it go, oh didn't i say so,
                C F G                        C F G
Yeah you should know, its no thanks to you though
          C F G                  C F G
When i go out, you dont really get it
              C F G                      C F G
It freaks you out, but only cause you let it

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         Am                                      Em
Well the dumb industry blokes (or birds?), spread shirts, firm punks
   F                      C
The raga-rich boys making poor boys noise
Am                   E
The living dead ain't down on luck
F                      C
Don't pretend you don't give a fuck

             C            F   G
'Cause we're happening 
      C           F   G
We're happening 
      C           F   G   C
We're happening

Same chords pritty much all the threw the rest of the song

Hope this tab helped