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Panic Attack Chords

The Vaccines - Panic Attack

It should be correct unless there's some major defect with my hearing.
Anyway please comment and rate and I hope you enjoy. 
(And I didn't get the solo yet.)

Chords used: E   A   B  C#m

  E *  C#m  B   A

Verse 1:
E       C#m     B
Wrap me up in hammered velvet
E        C#m    B
Hide under the sheets with me
E     C#m    B
Get into the television
E    C#m  B
Sugarcoat Reality
E    C#m     B
Paralysing trepidation
    E      C#m   B
I'm beaten by anxiety
E        C#m            B                    E*
Lift the weight of the world that is hanging on me

Chorus 1:
      A     B     E*
It's got my body shaking
    A      B     E*
I'm hiding in my room
   A     B         C#m
It put me out and on my back
A       B
Panic attack

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Verse 2:
E       C#m     B
You are simply optimistic
    E    C#m     B
And altogether overcome
     E         C#m      B
With self-destructive irritation
E    C#m    B
I resented everyone
E     C#m     B
I was always well-adjusted
        E     C#m      B
but I'm going down a rabbit hole
E           C#m         B              E*
further and further and further out of control

Chorus 2:
    A       B       E*
And now I'm feeling dizzy
A       B       E*
And I'm giving up
   A      B          C#m
I shut my eyes, the room went black
A      B
Panic attack

(solo)(I just play verse chords 4 times)

Chorus 3:
A     B      E  
It is all-consuming
    A      B        E 
And now I can't be fucked
   A         B        C#m       (hold the chord a little longer)
My legs give up and I fall back

A      B
Panic attack
A      B
Panic A-ttack

E* (strum once)