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Aftershave Ocean Chords

verses: A, E, F#m, F, E
-pre-chorus: D7m, E (twice)
-chorus: A, F#m, D, F, E

A                               E
You have been struggling to see actuality
F#m       F          E
Actually, it doesn't surprise me
A               E                 F#m
And you wearing wof frozen to the core
F               E
I'm not wearing anything awful
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D7m                                E
But you are pulling the wool over, wouldn't you rather know
D7m                          E
That I am overindulging you, it's so easy though

A                    F#m
You're coming up for air
Happier down there
        F          E
In your aftershave ocean
A                  F#m
Lies, difficult to face
Floating out in space
        F          E
In your aftershave ocean

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