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Greener With The Scenery Tab

Artist:    The Used
Song:      Greener with the Scenery
Album:     The Used (2002)
Tabbed by: neuroxik
Email:     neuroxik [-at] gmail [dot-] com

note: Everyone seems to have this guitar riff wrong for 9 years now, I thought
	I'd share these. I slowed down the song to be precisely sure.
	I only did the intro, but if enough people email me, I'll see tabbing
	it all out won't be a waste of time :)

Tuning: DADGBe (Drop D Tuning)
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Chord Shapes:
Asus2   7 0 7 7 5 (0)
Amadd9  7 0 7 5 0  x
F       x 8 7 5 x  x
Fadd9   x 8 7 0(0) x

    Asus2        Amadd9        F           Fadd9