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Will You Wash Away Chords

Will You Wash Away
The Trews

I think this is all right, it's based on what was previously on UG, and 
the chords mentioned by casey_1047 in a comment, and some trial and error 
and lots of listening. I'll put some chord diagrams at the bottom in case
you need 'em. Unless they're there automatically, (when you hover on the
blue chord names) how does that work enyway? 
whatever I'll put them at the bottom anyway. Just for fun.

C#m       C#sus4  C#m
F#        F#sus4  F#

               C#m               C#sus4     C#m
A man can be destroyed but not defeated
               F#              F#sus4     F#
Even when he's lying black and blue
            C#m             C#sus4     C#m    
Livin' on a faith above his ceiling
            F#               F#sus4     F#
Never gonna know if it rings true
          E                 G#m              F#
There's a voice inside that keeps him on the path or rightousness
          E                   G#m                    F#       
You can't break his stride or change his mind 'cause he won't second guess

This part is really fast so I'll show how I do it in tab:
[ Tab from: ]
   F#    E     C#m
                     I don't wanna hear you say
   E     D     B
                     You will never change you ways
   F#    E     C#m
                     'Cause you know it's hard to tell

   E     D     B                    F#          E
                     When the river swells,  yeah

G#m  B   E    C#m F#
Will You Wash Away?
    [^   ^ use 7th fret B and E here]

2nd VERSE: (same chords as first)

running to the end of expectation
ready for the moment to arrive
but the wicked world just keeps you waiting
baby it can bury you alive
you need something more to rest assured or else your faith will die
like an anchor to the river floor when the crushing waters rise



G#        F#               G#
hear the restless river rise
            F#                        G#
sheer white waters causing compromise
            F#                G#
doubting eyes, changing minds
        F#                 E
for everyone there comes a time
G#m  B   E    C#m F#
will you wash away?

3rd VERSE: (same chords minus the last 2 lines)

going back on all your allegations
once saw enough you changed your tune
write your way out of the situation
you’ve got to do what you have got to do



Chords you might not know:

the wierd variations:

   C#msus4   F#sus4
e|-4------|-2------|  It can be hard to swithch from the C#m to the -sus4
B|-7------|-2------|  quickly and cleanly, but with practise it comes.
G|-6------|-3------|  If you don't feel like practising a C#m7sus4 will
D|-6------|-3------|  do (despite the really long name) just move your
A|-4------|-3------|  pinkie from the G string to the B string on 7th fret.


The 7th fret B and E mentioned for the "will you wash away" are:
    B      E

the rest are pretty standard.