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When You Leave Chords

Good song. Mostly chords. Chords Used

D A G F G3(and some variations of those chords)
The G3s are just in here for accuracy. You can play them as Gs if you want.

D than F than G3

D (strum)           G (strum)
I lost all faith in reason.
D (strum)                       A (strum)
When no reason toke a love from me.

Before the next set of lyrics the A becomes:

]---[     (strum)
[ Tab from: ]
D               *              G                                            
So I ask you my friend, if the stories were 
G3                D           F     G3     D
pretend, you say "I love you, and I always will"

* this is where D becomes:

The second versse is the same, only with different lyrics.

D                           A...*(see above)
When you leave, I lose control.
D       F                G3             G            
And I'd hate to have you leave and lose control.