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Slow Emotion Replay Chords

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Slow Emotion Replay
(The The from the Album "Dusk" - Words and Music by Matt Johnson)
Transcribed by D. William Bennett
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Gm7        C       Gm7    C     Am7
The more I see the less I know  about all those thing I thought were wrong
   Dm7                                Bb          Bb/A Gm7         Gm7/F
or right or carved in stone. So don't ask me bout war, religion or God,
Am7   Am7/D  C    C7
love, sex or death because

Gm7       C                 Dm7            C
Everybody knows what's goin wrong with the world
   Gm7           C                Dm7   Bb
But I don't even know what's goin on in myself

Ya gotta work out your own salvation with no explaination.
To this earth we fall. On hands and knees we crawl.
And we look up to the stars and reach out and pray to a deaf, dumb and
blind God who never explains.


Gm7                 C
Lord I've been here oh so long
Dm7                 Bb
I can feel it comin down on me
           Gm7          C             Dm7
I'm just a slow emotion replay of somebody
I used to be

Repeat -> Gm7    C    Dm7    C    Gm7    C    Dm7