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The Tallest Man On Earth Chords & Tabs

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King Of Spain Chords

Capo on 6th

Intro: D G A

I never knew I was a lover
Just cause I steal the things you hide
                               G        A
Just cause I focus while we're dancing
Just cause I offered you a ride

Well I am not from Barcelona
I am not even from Madrid
                       G         A
I am a native of the North Pole
And that can mess up any kid

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        A                   Bm
Well if you can reinvent my name
        A                   Bm    G
Well if you can redirect my day
        A              D
I wanna be the king of Spain

And I will settle in Pamplona
And Ill provoke the bulls with words
And then Ill send a man to meet them all
The blood is fake, so I have heard

And all the senoritas sighing
Will be the fountain of my life
But while were floating in siesta
You search for bottles and for knives

Well if you...

And I wear my boots of Spanish leather
Oh while Im tightening my crown
Ill disappear in some flamenco
Perhaps Ill reach the other side

Why are you stamping my illusion?
Just cause I stole some eagle's wings
Because you named me as your lover
Like all I could be anything

Well if you...