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Into The Stream Tab

The tuning for the song is standard tuning with the fourth string tuned up
 a step to E. But the tuning he uses may be a step lower, so that every
 string except the fourth string is tuned down a step.

I am not going to tab the picking, so youll have to listen to the song, or
 watch him play it on youtube or something.

capo on 7th fret or so
D ---0----2----0----2---------------------------------------------------|
A ---3----1----3----1---------------------------------------------------|
F ---4----2----4----2---------------------------------------------------|
D ---0----0----0----0---------------------------------------------------|
G ---x----x----x----x---------------------------------------------------|
D ---0----0----0----0---------------------------------------------------|
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D ---0---0---0------0----0---0-------------------------------0---0--------|
A ---3---3---3------3----3---3-------------------------------3---3--------|
F ---0---0---0------0----0---0-------------------------------0---0--------|
D ---2---0---0------2----0---0----(repeat as necesary)-then--2---2--------|
G ---x---3---2------x----3---2-------------------------------0---x--------|
D ---3---x----------0----x---x-----------------------------------3--------|

then after he plays the into thing again:
D ---0----2----0-----2-----4-----2--  -0---3--0----------------|
A ---3----1----3-----1-----3-----1--  -1---------3--0----------|
F ---4----2----4-----2-----4-----2--  -2-----------------------|
D ---0----0----0-----0-----0-----0--  -0-----------------------|
G ---x----x----x-----x-----x-----x--  -x-----------------------|
D ---0----0----0-----0-----0-----0--  -0-----------------------|
                                      (or something like this)

thats the song. You really got to gdet the picking down. In this song,
 three low strings are used as base notes, usually alternating between
 octaves or somehting like that. For example, in the intro part, the bass
notes go like:
D ----0---0---0---0---0--0---0-----------|
G ---------------------------------------|  (and so on)
D --0---0---0---0---0---0--0-------------|