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Old Mexico Chords

So my guitar teacher and I figured out the chords to this song. It's simple and a 
beautiful song. The strumming is easy. Here's the link to the video

Here's the link to buy the song. It's for charity! :)

This my first tab ever so it may not be 100% lined up. But this is the basic idea of it. 
Please don't be mean if it's wrong. Leave a comment with any concerns or whatever :P

Capo 4

             D             Dsus4      Dadd9
Girl I don't have a lot of money, you see

            D        Dsus4        Dadd9
Sure I play a little guitar but I barely sing

         D      Dsus4     Dadd9
The one thing I wish this Christmas Eve

         D       Dsus4
Is you'd fall in love with me

D, Dsus4, Dadd9

            D           Dsus4   Dadd9
Girl I'm no coffee shop poet at all

                 D         Dsus4          Dadd9
I wrote you that note on a napkin and you still haven't called
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   D            Dsus4     Dadd9
So pack up your bangs and I'll grab the keys

      D       Dsus4   Dadd9
Come run away with me

Drive out to old Mexico

Leave the new world

                    D    Dsus4 Dadd9
And love like we're dying

If you want snow I'll make snow

Block the sun stop the desert from drying

     Dsus4      Dadd9
I'll never stop trying

           D           Dsus4
Maybe when midnight is here

You'll kiss me like you did last year

D, Dsus4, Dadd9 2x

Verse 2:
            D             Dsus4     Dadd9
Boy I don't need a lot of money you see

                  D       Dsus4        Dadd9
You know your old beat up guitar is my favorite thing

      D          Dsus4        Dadd9
About you I want you all your terrible things

       D        Dsus4        Dadd9
I want you this Christmas Eve


Then for the rest of the song, you loop D, Dsus4, and Dadd9 during the La La part then 
when the midnight is here part: do the same but cut out the last Dadd9 because it's silence.