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Gotta Get Away Chords

Artist:  The Stunning
Title:  Gotta Get Away
Album:  Paradise in the Picturehouse
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C F (x 10)

C                F            C
Johnny you were just about to tell me

F               C
why you're so unhappy

     F                     C    F
when tears welled in your eyes

     C          F            C
It's clear that every little tear

      F               C
that drops into your beer

  F                  C   F
reflects the reason why


Bb           F
Gotta get away

     C  F         C   F
and make another start

Bb           F
Gotta get away

     C    F              C    F
that woman now broke his heart

She broke his heart

(C F x4)

   C           F               C
My friend, you know you are my friend
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     F              C
I'll put you on the mend

     F              C    F
your sorry days are over

     C                 F              C
It's true that when it gets on top of you

    F             C
the only thing to do

    F                C    F
is drink and talk it over


bridge 1:
(C then slide to Bb x 2)
F Bb

(C F x4)

   C            F                    C
Ah Johnny now I think you're feeling sorry now

F              C
Get up on your feet somehow

    F              C      F
and get out on the double

       C         F              C
You'll find that love is always blind

   F            C
to everything unkind

    F                 C       F
and you'll wind up in trouble


bridge 2:  
(C then slide to F
C then slide to Bb) x2

(C F x8)


(bridge 1)

finish on C