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Penetration Tab

			     Penetration - Iggy and the Stooges
Tabbed by: bennyshambles78

All the other tab for this song is wrong because the key to playing it is 
having the correct tuning, a half-step down. From what I can tell, all of 
Raw Power is in this tuning, which may mean it was just mastered with the tape 
speed slowed down a bit. Either way, this is the main riff of Penetration, 
which is repeated throughout the entire song. Awesome. 

Tuning: Half-Step Down (Eb G# C# F# A# Eb)
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MAIN RIFF (Palm Mute the open G#'s and F#'s):


Repeat this riff like the stone groove that it is and just ride it.

Also, you don't palm mute the open notes on last little ascending part of 
the riff.

Enjoy and please feel free to send me any requests.