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The Belly Of Your Bedroom Chords

The Belly Of Your Bedroom
The Smith Street Band

Hey guys,

Here is another one off my favorite album at the moment.  I put up the Self Control tab 
also but it was before I had an account.  I saw a comment asking for more tabs so here 
it goes!

This one is pretty easy once you figure out the rhythm, just a few hammer ons you should 
note:  Almost every time it says D, theres a hammer on the high G (third fret on the 
tiniest string)

I really hope the formatting doesnt get butchered here.

INTRO  (strum this intro, the notes I tabbed out are the ones that sound the loudest, 
Wil strums the chords at the bottom of the tab [strum up AND down, especially around the D below])


      G             D           Cadd9            D


G              D                   Cadd9                 D
Our hero sits unsteadily on a highway rocking chair

G              D                   Cadd9                      D
Bottle of white wine, the wind it ruffles his well-cut hair

G                      D                  Cadd9           D
And her eyes they focus backwards to the people that he needs

G                               D          Cadd9                  D
They hold my instruments and my backup, and shirts with cut off sleeves

G                     D            Cadd9                D
She told me that she kissed you and then she told me more

G                   D           Cadd9                D
Our hero knows I'm angry and he knows that I'm a bore

G                    D                   Cadd9          D
I'm sad when it is raining, when the sun comes I'm a freak

G                  D                  Cadd9               D*
Our hero lives in mild temperatures and gets eight hours sleep

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And I know that Im a liar

And I know I cant fill your desires

Em7                                       Cadd9 (walk down C, B, A, Gmaj)
With a body that's always gonna let the both of us down

And half smiles in the belly of your bedroom

And half lies that I never should have told you

Em7                                  Cadd9
My demise is only gonna let one of us down

D                               G       D       Cadd9           D
And darling I'm going


G                       D             Cadd9         D
My back it aches for transport, I can hardly feel my feet
My stitches are slowly but surely falling out of me
I know I'm not exciting but I never claimed to be
And I'll live for this morning, and I will live and let you leave

 G                         D                        Em7
And I don't understand why we have to be on standby while you're overseas

Cadd9                     D
Can't you be free and still know me?

        G                                D
And our hero keeps his secrets locked up somewhere in his teeth

Em7                                         D*                          Maybe I'll break 
one or two just to hear him speak



  Em7               G           Cadd9
To find somewhere for us to sleep

                          Em7              G            Cadd9
And darling I'm going to work on every single inch of me

               Em7              G                 Cadd9
And darling I'm going to find somewhere for us to sleep

               Em7              G
And darling I'm going to keep on living, to keep on living

    Cadd9       D
To keep on keeping on

Final Chorus
(This is where you get your friends to start clapping the drums for you, knock on your 
guitar a little bit)

**Disclaimer: There is a very good chance this tab is not 100% correct and I am okay 
with that.  Leave your respectful corrections or tips in the comments box and the tab will 
be corrected**

Stay tuned for Get High, See Mice...

By Christian Suderman
Username: Sudey (having trouble activating account for some reason)