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All Saints Day Chords

These are the simple chords for All Saints Day as far as I can tell.
Excuse any mistakes in them. 
For the C, G, and E notes (Aka the 3 last chords in each line), 
you can pluck the 5th and 4th strings before the chords to make it sound more like the song.

Am         Dm         C  G          E
I ain't no demon, Lord, look to me please

Am           Dm       C         G       E
Good men are sufferin' with the evil at ease

Am          Dm        C    G       E
Millions of innocents, are born to disease
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Am           Dm              C
Where is our solace, Lord?

E              Am
Oh Lord answer me

Am, Dm, Am

(Repeat pattern for next verse)

I look to your people, Lord, but they're being cruel
They sleep with the criminals they aim to recruit
They raise, in their stadiums, a poisonous brood
I think they would crucify someone like you

One day, will this be over?

Will this be over?

Will this be over?

(Repeat until end)

Am         Dm            C
I ain't no demon, Lord  

    E           Am  
But neither are you

End by repeating Am, Dm, Am