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The Cure Chords

The Cure
The School of Worship

Key of Dm

              Dm7                              Fmaj9
What can I say? It was my sin that put you there that day
Im ashamed to have claimed other names
           Dm7                            Fmaj9
What can I do? For it was I who spit on you
I stood, I watched, I mocked, I even cursed you too

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Dm7                      F
I bow my face to the dirt, In light of selfish sin unseen
Dm7                        F
I shut my mouth and open up, My heart now ready to receive
Dm7                         F
The Gospel shown by the love, Of Jesus King of all kings
Dm7                    F                                   Bbmaj7 Fmaj7
Messiah You are the cure, You broke the curse And now Im free
         Bbmaj7 Fmaj7
Now Im Free

What can I say? Its by your grace you even look my way
I am amazed to be claimed by this name
What can I do? It is I who honor you
I cannot be the same Your love has made me new

Dm7            C/E       F
There is no way I could pay the debt Ive made
A5   G5      Bb F
I am a poor man
Dm7             C/E    F
Today is the day I am saved, In Jesus name
A5   G5     Bb F
I am a new man