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Sit Enthroned Chords

Sit Enthroned
The School of Worship

Key of C

Cmaj7                  G                       Dm7
Son of God you are the perfect one You came to give your life away
My sin you have erased with your
Cmaj7                            G                        Dm7
Precious blood you showed your, Unfailing love and I will never be the same
   F          G      Am  G/B
Forever I am changed, Jesus

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C                     Am                         F
Sit enthroned upon my heart, With everything you are
Come live your life in me, reign supremely
C                          Am                    F
Im not just giving you my sin, But everything within
Come take control and make me holy

Son of God you are the risen one, You came to overtake the grave
By the power of your name. You have raised me up with your conquering love
And I will never be the same, Forever I am changed, Jesus

C                Am
You are my king, Enthroned to be
   F              G
My everything, My Everything