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Matchless Grace Chords

Matchless Grace
The School of Worship

Key of D

          D                              F#m
Oh mighty God, my strength and source of hope
   G                         D
No words can capture who You are
            D                            F#m
My Glorious One, Your strength beyond compare
     G                               D
Has fallen down and captured all our hearts
           F#m               G
A matchless grace, unfailing love
Light from Your face shines from above
              D                      F#m
On grateful hearts, now open wide for You
G                        D
Ready for Your grace to fall

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Before You formed my heart You knew my name
And stirred a passion in my soul
Before my voice cried out for You You came
Your hands touched mine and made me whole
A matchless grace, unfailing love
Light from Your face shines from above
On humble hearts, we hope in You alone
We lift this everlasting song

Beneath the cross I find myself undone
Amazed that you run to me
In mercy you have given up your son
His blood has bought my liberty
Held in your arms of love so vast
My soul has found its peace at last
Changed in the glory of your sacrifice
Your death has brought my spirit life

Oh Risen Lord, great Shepherd of my soul
Your hand has led me to this place
My Holy One whose mercy makes me whole,
Your love has stolen my disgrace
Oh matchless name above all names
We turn to You, we give you praise
For all You’ve done and all that You will do
Forever we will worship You

G     D  A Bm              G     D  A
Glor--i--a in the highest, Glor--i--a
G   D  A      Bm              G    D A
Hal-le-lu-jah we will worship You alone