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Come Back Home Chords

Come Back Home
The School of Worship

Key of Bb

Intro: Bb D/Bb Eb F

Bb                                Gm
To all the weak the meek the poor, I am knocking at your door
Eb                                   F
To you who search for one more high, Embrace the cross on which I died
Bb                                Gm
To you who sell yourself for love, But never look up above
Eb                                    F
Your worth is found in something more, a God youve never seen before
Cm                       Eb             F
I paid for you to enter in, So let the work of grace begin

Bb              Bb/D                          Eb
Come now I will take you as you are, you have never gone too far
My mercy still remains
Bb           Bb/D                         Eb
My love has broken every chain, you will never be the same
Dear child please come back home

To you who think that all is lost, that life is far to much a cost
To all with razors in the dark, the scars go deep within the heart
To you who strive pursue and fight, but nothing seems to turn out right
I hope that you can understand, what youre searching for is in my hands

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        Eb        Gm             F             Eb
Love is lost in a sea so brilliantly, tossed around and mocked
        Gm              F                 Eb
By the soldiers by the families who were at the cross
       Gm                F                Gm           F
Women, children men and thieves, harlots dying and in need
         Eb            Gm             F                 Eb
Love is cheap, you can buy it on the streets as drunken men walk by
         Gm                F              Eb
Refusing life and drinking bitter wine to end their strife
         Gm               F              Gm             F
With the women who have said that their love to them is dead
       Eb                     Bb                  F               Eb
But God is strong and He will heal the hearts of all who come to sing His song
      Bb                 F                 Gm            F
Jesus Christ is Lord of all, and He has reconciled the fall
       Eb                F              Eb                  F
Of all man with His own life, with the blood that paid the price
           Eb                 F            Eb                  F        Eb
Yeah his blood has paid the price, Jesusí blood has paid the price to redeem