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Come What May Chords

This is my first tab so sorry if it sucks =]]

[Standard tuning but capo on first same cords but w/capo]

Intro: C
For the longest time I thought I'd lost the best of me
But I'll be damned if I quit now and that for sure
All I ever wanted was for you to look at me
And know I'm all yours
Like the penguins need their wings for deep cold water dives
Like the earth needs the moon to keep it on course
When you touch me, I know there is purpose in my life
                  C      C
Just know I'm all yours

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      Am      F                C               G
I'm a mess, I confess that I'm nothing without you
             Am            F              C             G
And there is nothing I can do to prove to you I'm being honest
      Am         F                  C            G
Now I see, everything; and yes I've known it all along
      Am                F         C                G                      C
I was so lost, but I'm back and I finally know now where my heart belongs

I've been wondering if you could ever realize
That we're growing up so fast and it's insane
My dear our hearts have gotten good at pumping cheap new lust
Into our young veins
C        Am     F     C            Am       F
Suddenly I understand everything I couldn't comprehend

Am                 F                 C             G
All this time I've spent without you by my side, I dreamt about you
Am                  F         C       G
Saw you through the windows in my mind
Am                F              C             G
Carved a home for you deep down inside my chest
                    Am              F          C      G
And I never want to lose such a big part of me again
   Am               F         C      G 
...lose such a big part of me again

end on: C

Thanks =]]