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Missing You Chords

F            C                         G
Where's the pain when you walk out the door
It doesn't hurt like it used to before
F           C                     G
Where's the love that we couldn't ignore
It doesn't kick like a pill anymore
F            C                       G
Where's the thrill at the end of our fights
Where's the heat when we turn off the lights

I just miss all the miss that we made
                                   C (hold)
When we still have the passion to hate

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       C            Em
I miss missing you, sometimes
       G             F
I miss hurting you 'til you cry
I miss watching you as you try
Trying not to end up in tears
G                    F
Begging to get back together
Am                 Em
I just want you to be
To be stuck in a second forever
So don't freak out if I Leave.

G                  Dm
Sometimes I'm just missing
Missing You

I miss missing you

(same as 1st Verse F C G)

There’s a dark cloud pulling me in
That’s the girl I was breathing in sin
There’s a blind force letting it win
And it’s longing to tear us apart
I get high when you’re making me weak
Let me down ’til I crawl on my knee’s