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Desolation Mr Foe Chords & Tabs

The Rumour Said Fire Chords & Tabs

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Desolation Mr Foe Chords

l:  Bm  l  G  l  A  l D  C#  Bm  A :l x2

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  Bm                                               G       A (D C# Bm A)    
::Waiting by the telephone he line is singing dead majestic tones 
   Bm                                             G                    
The humor of a cigarette won't ease the burns of being
       A  (D C# Bm A)
set to go
Bm                                                                   G    
All your life you've seen it shown in the park, in the alley, in the room 
where they left you alone
Bm                                                       G                  
With a teenage dream that's all of a foreign wave you're spitting out the 
letters of control

Bm                      A                      Bm
And the streets of this city will leave you to roam ohhhhhohhhhohoh
Bm             A                 Bm
When everyone else is going back home

Bm   A   Bm   A  ::