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Its Alright Chords


D       A        E
''      ''       ''''''''''          x many 

This will follow on until the chorus ........ you will hear once it changes.


E                A              D              E             E
''''''''         '''''''''      '''''''''      ''''''''      '''''''
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D       A        E
''      ''       ''''''''''       x 2

B      E      B     E    B
''     ''     '''   '''  '''''''

D       A        E
''      ''       ''''''''''       x many 

A(bar chord)

thank you for reading and have a smashing, spiffing and darn right dandy time learning
to play this supurb song. Tabed out by Samuel Wroe if any question or queeres or changes
you wish to bring to my attension please contact me at

Have Fun 
And Remember To ROCK AND ROLL for pete's sake