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Nephilim Tab

I know this song is in Dropped A (or rather, 7 string), but most people don't know how 
tune to Dropped A, or just can't be bothered, so I've tabbed it in Dropped B  (C# G# E B 
B high to low).

Please comment and rate, it sounds 100% to me. I don't know the harmony unfortunately, 
it is pretty quiet, but this sounds perfect.
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This is a pretty sad instrumental, it was written by The Red Shore's guitarist, Roman, 
the death of their vocalist and merch manager Damien Morris and Andy Milner while on tour 

Tabbed by Matt Mulartschuk

\ = slide

For the very first time you play it, I usually slide from 5 to 8, sounds very good! Work 
the slides for yourself if you want, but this sounds right to me.