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Dive Too Deep Chords

  Dive too deep - Red jumpsuit apparatus V3

- Only found one other version on the internet which is a piece of crap, so I made 
my own version. A few chords may be wrong but it is now in the same key as the 
original and is easy to play.

    6/8 strumming pattern
    Chords: G C Am D
    CAPO 7th fret
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    Verse 1:
    The clock at the table
      C             Am 
    seems to enable me
      Am7                              D 
    to see the time that I have spent alone
       G             C                Am 
    selfish is easy it's also completely free
        Am7                          D 
    but it's nothing if no one is there to share
        C              Am 
    all the good times all the bad times
     Am       D 
    let me know
    if I dive too deep
        C       D 
    you'll pull me out
      G                              D 
    if I try to speak you'll hear me out
        C                      Am 
    if I get too weak you'll hold me close
    and tell me I'm fine
    Verse 2:
      G                       C             Am 
    you know the worst lines come at the best times
       Am7                              D 
    and I know that I can be so difficult
    but that's why I love you
    C                      D       
    there's nothing that I could do
     Am7                          D 
    without you I am only miserable
     Am              C 
    all the good times all the bad times
      C        D 
    let me know
    CHORUS (x2)
    I'm your strength
    we achieve
     Am                               D       
    I know that your the sun that's looking down
      Am                     C
    with all my heart I believe