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Every Beat Of The Heart Chords

Intro: (capo 3rd fret) D9,D---G(2X)


D9/D                            G
that's some angry sky behind me i don't need you here to guide me
Em                                                   G
indentify too familiar ground and i'll keep away, i'll keep away
D                                       G
i think i can control this need but  you're so precious when you leave
Em                                           G
don't demonstrate this is life and death in front of me,in front of me

[ Tab from: ]
D                       G
every beat of the heart brings me closer to the start
D                           G
takes me further away from you brings me closer to the truth

Em                 G                                 D          
Don't show me around it's just an easy way you've found

2nd verse follows same pattern as 1st

that's a part of my life behind me and i conclude that we can't fail to see
centre ground brighter days too familiar now to keep away
you think you can control this need well turn full circle you can't fail to see
it's second place i've found the key ,close to you i can believe