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Pulling Our Weight Chords

Verse I:

D      Bm                  G
In time we might walk the straight line 

D        Bm             G
But with memories of a grapevine 

A  G      A                                          
A guitar, as we came close from far 

D     Bm      G            
       Forgot about the war 

A           G
  We barely touched 
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A           G
As if being watched 


            D  G                  
And even in ti--me 

                 D   G              
We'll give in to cri--me 

                D  A
We'll be on the li--ne 

Pulling our weight 

Verse II: (same progression as V.1)

Many miles from where I'm sleeping 
You share laughter in the evening 
As do I, in the great divine 
Yours is mine 
We'll find love 
The kind we're dreaming of