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Sofkuris Room Tab

Artist:		The Push Stars
Song:		Sofkuri's Room
Album:		After the Party
Written by:	Chris Trapper

This is a beautiful song that can be played with a lot of emotion.  As almost always with Chris's stuff, break out the capo.

Tune down 1/4 step.  That's right - 1/4 step.
Capo on 5

Intro, Verse:

Let ring throughout, repeat lots.  In the verse don't hit the high notes when the "C" is in the bass.
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Sorry guys, but I'm way too lazy to figure out the intricacies of this part.  The good news is that you can totally fake it with these three chords:

Dsus2   Am7    G
 -0-    -0-   -3-
 -3-    -1-   -3-
 -2-    -0-   -0-
 -0-    -2-   -0-
 -x-    -0-   -2-
 -x-    -x-   -3-

Get creative with hammer-ons and pull-offs and you'll be in good shape.

That's it!  Please feel free to add to this with more details on the chorus or outro parts.  Enjoy!