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Cadillac Chords

::Verse #1::
        D          G            A 
So she went to the bar on the corner 
           D                G        A
With some friends who were buried alive
      D           G        A
And a man leaned over to tell her
          D         G       A
That her luck had finally arrived 
G        A
Said he drove a Cadillac 
G            A
They could sneak out thru the crack 
G          A              G    A     D      G   A
And he’d never bring her back here again
::Verse #2::
             D               G            A
Watched her finger twirl a circle in her drink
                  D                G        A
If you think too much, then you’ll never decide
                    D                G            A
You end up like an ice cube sinking down to the bottom 
        D          G          A
So you do what you must to survive 
G       A
So she walked out by his side 
G           A
To strange shadows in the night
G           A              G   A
Disappeared in the streetlights 

...and we're
   D           G    A     
 gone.                  and Here I am
   D           G    A                                                
                        and Here I am
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::Verse #3::
"So where's it parked," she said
                  G                       A    
"We've walked so far and I'm getting so tired"
        F#min          G                     A   
And he looked like a crook who'd just been caught
       G          A                        
He said "I don't own no Cadillac 
G             A                             
Don't even own a paper sack 
G               A               G   A           
To carry the confidence that I lack 

...and my
Bmin F#min   A
Bmin F#min   A
Bmin F#min   A
Bmin F#min   A

::Verse #4::
D  F#min   G   A
D  F#min   G   A

        D                     F#min           G      A
So she said "You know I just can't believe this"
             D          F#min           G      A
He said "Go ahead, just leave, I understand"
        D                  F#min         G      A
But instead she rested his head on her shoulder
                  D                      F#min 
But how could he love her with nothing to give her
           G             A                    
But empty pockets and a crooked man?
G                        A                     
Well she said "You can love me with your hands 
G         A                                    
 You can love me with your eyes
G          A                 G    A 
 You can love me with your voice     

...and your 
D       G     A
D       G     A
                  And here I am 
D       G     A
                  And here I am 
D       G     A
                  And here I am 
D       G     A
                  And here I am...

::Outro:: (repeat and fade)
D  G   A