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From (Steve Portigal)
Subject: Message in a Bottle TAB (repost)
Date: 8 Oct 1993 14:22:18 -0500

Sting spake:
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Wed May 13 15:51:14 PDT 1992
Article: 3632 of alt.guitar
>From: (Sting)
Subject: Message in a Bottle
Date: 12 May 92 15:46:16 GMT

The chord outline for Message looks like this:

C#add9  Aadd9  Badd9  F#add9 (sliding up to m3)  :|

"Chorus" 1  (I'll send an S.O.S....)
A   D  E   :|

"Chorus" 2  (I hope that some one gets my...)
F#m   D    :|

"Chorus" 3  (Message in a bottle...)
C#m   A   (repeat)  resolve to F#m then back to verse.
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>From watching the old Police live tapes, you can see that
Andy plays the add9 chords something like this:


I recommend doing the troups of three with fingers 1, 3, 4.  This way,
you can slide up from 6-7 on the final chord with your pinky and your
index will be in position over fret 4 to begin the cycle again.

I recommend barres for the chorus chords, to reproduce the original
feeling.  Try the 5th position A and D, 7th position E, 2nd position
F#m, and 4th position C#m.


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