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Still Three Shy Chords

			     STILL THREE SHY - The Pink Spiders
Tabbed by: electric pie

A                   f#m
The interstates and eighteen wheelers
bm                  E 
The sketches on the rest stop bathoom stalls
c#m               f#m             bm             E 
I call her from a hotel pay phone so far from it all
A               f#m
The odometer is hypnotizing
bm                 E 
The tires turn the dirt for miles and miles
c#m             f#m
I wanna see the Nashville skyline
bm          E 
If only for awhile

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c#m                     f#m
Cause I heard about the party last night
c#m                     f#m
I heard that there were drugs and fist fights
c#m                     f#m
When all I see are miles of streetlights
bm                 EM
That's when I miss home

     A           f#m     
So I try try try to forget it 
      bm         E 
but I die inside every time I miss it
Cause you're still three shy
f#m                         bm               E
Don't you forget it's not a party when we're gone
And if the cops come by
A7/G                       D                  dm
have a drink and tell them this one's for the boys
           A       f#m bm    E            A    D  A  E
And I will try try try to forget that I'm gone

A thousand miles until the ocean
Casinos sit a couple miles ahead
The city's in the rearview mirror, Tennessee's in bed

Now I'm drinking at the Blackjack table
A cigarette is hanging from my lips
My head is spinning round in circles as I take a sip
Cause I heard you split a cab home last night
I hope you found your way home alright
Cause underneath a sea of bright lights
I feel alright here